A country that claims population of 1.25 billion people cannot find all the resources internally to take care of its own social welfare. That very fabric becomes compromised due to an inferior social infrastructure as well as remnants of corruption that has shadowed the passing governments over the last century.

There are amazing changes taking place in India right now, and some of the most dynamic are the ones in the most rural areas. There are groups, both Indian nationals as well as organizations from other countries that are wrestling with the complexities of rural poverty, rural healthcare and how to stop a pattern that has plagued the country for many years.

These NGOs are offering alternative ways to solve some of the most challenging situation by looking beyond the local and state governments to develop innovative strategies to provide healthcare for those living in some of the most rural regions in the country. These organization have taken on enormous challenges such as eradicating blindness by 2020, ending malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency for children under 5 and rebuilding the education system so that tot days children can become competitive players in today global marketplace while ensuring they maintain their cultural heritage.

Rural Community Development

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital
Rural Eye Care Clinic and Cataract Surgery