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Paul Newman is a gifted photographer, creative director and visual storyteller. His creative work has been featured and awarded in magazines and online design journals worldwide.

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His work has been shown in the Tate Gallery London, The Guardian UK and he has given numerous lectures internationally on the subject of visual communications to promote social responsibility.

Paul Newman believes that engaging stories ultimately promote and encourage social change for brands, corporations and causes. For over 20 years Paul has developed his expertise in visual storytelling, concept execution and strategic development while helping curate corporate social narratives for mid-level and large companies. While focusing on integrated campaigns, he has refined his ability to “translate” strategic ideas visually into incredibly beautiful, moving experiences. Paul possesses the uncanny ability to listen and speak with equal sensitivity. This quality has allowed him to delve deeper into an engagement and provide insight to areas that need further exploration and offer recommendations with focus and clarity.

Being committed to the idea that engaging storytelling that creates social change, Paul continues the long term body of work toward the ongoing seventeen year documentary project ‘S.O.A.R. – Shadows of a Revolution’ that captures the human condition in times of social and economic transformation. This first-hand account of the children and youth surviving on the streets of Romania after the fall of Ceauçescu has grown into an international collaboration between the project and Save The Children. In 2012 Shadows of a Revolution was internationally recognized and designated a Blue Earth Alliance sponsored project.

For more than twenty years, photographer Paul Newman has sought to capture the human condition in times of social and economic transformation throughout the world. His visual collection is built on travels spanning more than 25 countries, including first-hand accounts of children surviving on the streets of Romania after the fall of Ceauçescu, a telling portrait of the impact of population growth in northern Mexico due to migration, objective observations of the Bikers for Christ motorcycle outreach and the low-rider culture in Española, New Mexico. Transcending the diversity of these images is the consistent theme present across his entire body of work, a poignant view of the common conditions and experiences we share regardless of circumstance. Exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, and the UK have expanded the reach of Paul Newman’s work, inspiring a broad audience through compelling imagery, and promoting education, outreach, and change.[/vc_column_text][vc_facebook][vc_empty_space][/vc_column][/vc_row]